Whole Child Therapy

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Our Company

Whole child therapy is a multi-professional practice that focuses on family centric therapy provision. We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, personal training and well-being programmes for children including a comprehensive support and education service for parents, carers and professionals.

We believe in working with all families so we also provide a number of early years play and development classes and drop in events which focus on dynamic learning and play. We also offer extensive CPD and training packages for professionals and organisations.

Our clinic is based in Greenwich, South East London, though we offer services nationwide. We are able to deliver services in schools, children's centre and other educational settings.

Our Mission

Our service was born of a determination to create a service that bridges the gap between statutory service and private services. We have a team who are dedicated and passionate about our focus on collaborative working, we believe in supporting a child's entire family and support team.

  • We will provide assessment, treatment and group services for all children experiencing disruption to their engagement.
  • We work as a social enterprise to afford us the opportunity to meet the needs of many families regardless of circumstance.
  • We will deliver across the UK providing outreach and distinct services, for families, schools and a variety of other organisations.
  • Our team are committed to best practice, research and professional development.
  • We will offer training and mentoring services for professionals to raise the standard of children's therapy services across the UK.

“Finally my son has a list of things he is great at, he knows himself and likes himself more.”

Social enterprise

What is a social enterprise anyway?

A social enterprise is an organisation that uses the majority (50% or more) of its profit for the development of community services. This means that we have an obligation to use our profits to improve services or benefit those in the community.

At the time of our launch charities were struggling to survive while the private industry was on the upturn and doing well. However private therapy is exclusive, restrictive and varied wildly in its ability to deliver consistent and accountable treatments.

Our team have worked in statutory (NHS) services, private services and for charities. We knew that the gap between private services and statutory services was growing, professionals had their training budgets cut and families were not able to access the assessments and treatments they felt they needed.

We wanted to create a service that made sure ALL children could access specialist therapy services. But we knew we had to be sustainable, we wanted to be market leaders and be accessible. To achieve this a social enterprise model fit us best.

Want to know more?

We endeavour to be transparent and equitable in our delivery and development, often working in partnership with organisations to add value. If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it please get in touch we are always happy to talk.

Why do we have to pay if you are a social enterprise?

We have a paid for service as we are not loan or grant dependent, we have to charge for our service in order to continue to provide our funded services.

Sounds good, but does it work?

We are proud to say that even in our first two years of practice, we met the needs of all the families that contacted us. We have provided training and mentoring for professionals and we have developed a number of affordable training packages for schools. Soon we will be launching our professionals network and our parents service, providing affordable and where possible free training and advice services.

Great, but is it fair?

We need help to make it fair. We need our families to be really honest about whether they can afford our services and in return we will make sure of the following:

  • Our services will be competitively priced.
  • We never recommend a therapy that is not valuable or meaningful.
  • We will work with families to meet their needs within their means.
  • We adhere to best practice.
  • We will continue to create ways to meet the needs of many.
  • All of the schools that engage us have access to training and support.
  • We do not charge for consultation, emails and phone calls.